Exclusive Bio Formulas For A Healthier Tomorrow
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Exclusive Bio Formulation

CX Cell Formula

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Exclusive Bio Formulation

KX Breath Formula

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Exclusive Bio Formulation

AX Lung Formula

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Exclusive Bio Formulation

HX Immune Formula

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Exclusive Bio Formulation

PX Men Formula

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Exclusive Bio Formulation

LX Effect Formula

Bio Formulas

For a healthier Tomorrow by IMFORX LAB

We Decipher The Code Of Nature

Cosmetics (7)

We offer a collection of products from highly reputable brands, formulated with natural ingredients that cater to the care of your hair and skin. These products contain a remarkably high concentration of active compounds. The results have been validated by top laboratories , a testament to the ongoing research and innovation in the fields of Demoesthetic and Cosmotelogical sciences.
As a biotechnology firm focused on developing formulas for diseases, we recognize the promise that nanoscale enzymes hold in the field of medical science. Our team of experts is dedicated to researching and developing enzymes that can be engineered to have higher catalytic efficiency, making them more effective in their intended function.
Recognizing the challenges that numerous individuals encounter in adjusting their lifestyles and nutrition according to RQI Health recommendations, and acknowledging the global issue of contamination, we aim to provide an extensive selection of top-quality dietary supplements. These supplements are designed to address nutrient deficiencies and help you achieve optimal levels of well-being and energy.
Browse through our collection of eco-friendly yoga mats, comfortable and stylish activewear, and calming accessories to create your perfect yogic sanctuary. Elevate your yoga journey with our thoughtfully sourced products that promote mindfulness, balance, and overall well-being, making every step on the mat a truly enriching experience.

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Yoga Mat Bag

Introducing the Eco-Wormwood Yoga Bag: Elevate your active lifestyle with this meticulously crafted accessory, tailored for those who appreciate premium quality. Made from the finest

Umeboshi Vinegar 150

Condiment (vinegar) that can be added to vegetables, salads or tofu to make a creamy sauce

Sea Salt 1

Danival Fine Unrefined Atlantic Salt is unrefined and untreated and is rich in minerals and trace elements.

Saffron Syren Selected

100% saffron of selected quality packed in a glass jar


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